CAMPAIGNman is a software application that interfaces with your MAILman system to give you all the information and analysis capabilities you could want in an easy-to-use Windows application.

Designed to take the headache and hard work out of campaign management, CAMPAIGNman brings together all the tools you need for each of the stages of a marketing campaign: analysis and planning, execution, and tracking and results management.  

CAMPAIGNman is the first off-the-shelf system to deliver a big-business level of functionality that allows you to break your marketing down into campaigns, promotions, and individual marketing activities, at a small business price.

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Interpret campaigns and results
CAMPAIGNman’s vast
range of performance indicators allow you to analyse and compare the results of your marketing efforts. These capabilities include powerful graphing capabilities, calculation of information response rates, profit and loss, return on investment, comparison of marketing promotions, and campaigns, budgeting and forecasting management.

Run your own marketing activities
Use CAMPAIGNman’s direct marketing capabilities to manage direct mail, telemarketing, print, television and other marketing activities.  

Maximise customer lifetime value
CAMPAIGNman’s tracking function allows you to work
with the natural stages of your sales cycle so that you are addressing customer queries and objections as they naturally come up.

Identify new opportunities
Discover marketplace opportunities and capitalise on your unique competitive advantage with CAMPAIGNman’s tailored analysis tools, specifically made to suit your specific marketing needs.   

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