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DMS Recommends: MAILman NFP

DMS’s MAILman Not for Profit edition is a comprehensive fundraising system designed specifically to meet the many and varied demands of Australia’s fundraisers. MAILman allows you to integrate all of your fundraising activities into one seamless application. This not only delivers greater efficiencies but also allows you to treat each donor as an individual, taking into account all of the roles, contributions and communications you have with each donor.

MAILman's system includes:

  • Donor management
  • Art unions/lotteries/raffles
  • Campaign management
  • Correspondence tracking
  • Donation processing
  • Capital campaign
  • Gifts in kind
  • Major donor management
  • Pledges
  • Relationship management
  • Planned giving
  • Customisable screens
  • Events reports
  • Memberships
  • Many others


Many of Australia’s largest fundraisers like Mission Australia rely on MAILman Not for Profit’s comprehensive range of capabilities to manage all of their fundraising activities.

DMS Recommends: CAMPAIGNman

A sister product to MAILman, DMS’s CAMPAIGNman offers state of the art campaign management and analysis capabilities in an intuitive, simple to use application designed specifically for campaign managers. Use CAMPAIGNman to plan campaigns, analyse results and execute campaigns quickly and easily. Its ability to let you work interactively with your donor database with any of its 200 built in analysis types or your own custom designed analysis types will help you maximise the potential of your membership base.

DMS Recommends: POSTman and POSTman Enterprise

DMS’s POSTman and POSTman Enterprise solutions are employed by a wide range of fundraisers to take advantage of Australia Post’s Barcoded Mail, PrintPost and Charity Mail discounts. Fundraisers can receive discounts of up to 37% off their standard mail rates by employing a POSTman barcoding solution. POSTman works with a wide range of fundraising applications including MAILman, DonMan, iMis and Raisers Edge. It also supports most common general purpose database and office applications like Microsoft Word, Access and Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Ingress and DB2 so it will slip seamlessly into your current operations.

POSTman enables the user to vastly improve data entry efficiency, data quality and data matching processes. POSTman’s data validation facility means an end to ‘dirty data’ in your database, almost completely eliminating the costly and inconvenient issue of returned mail.

DMS Recommends: POSTman Professional and LISTman

DMS’s POSTman Professional and LISTman list management products provide you with all the tools you need to dedupe, cleanse, segment, barcode and prepare mailing lists, telemarketing lists and emailing lists. Now you can be smart about your use of data and eliminate the costs and inefficiencies in your current direct marketing processes.