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DMS Recommends: POSTman ActiveX and POSTman Web

DMS develops and distributes the largest range of AMAS certified software applications in Australia. These applications offer our customers significant advantages including:

  • Postage cost reductions of up to 37%
  • Data entry productivity improvements of up to 80%
  • Data quality improvements

To develop these types of capabilities costs many millions of dollars and takes many years of R&D. Then, of course, there are the burdens of the significant licensing costs from Australia Post and the rigorous annual testing.

Now DMS offers you the opportunity to build these features into your applications just by adding support for our ActiveX/COM and Web Services compliant components.

Already dozens of developers of software applications for schools, councils, document management, real estate agencies, call centers, web sites and others have built in support for DMS’s POSTman applications and have reaped the benefits of added functionality and additional revenue opportunities. Contact us now about our reseller and joint marketing programmes.

DMS Recommends: MAILman

For our own in-house needs DMS developed the MAILman Developers’ Edition Customer Relationship Management application. MAILman DevEd. Builds upon the core MAILman application’s strong customer service and marketing capabilities and adds to it flexible software license management and issue management capabilities. After all, like you, we want to focus our efforts on developing and selling our products not administration.

MAILman Dev. Ed. can look after all of your customer management requirements, whether you sell applications on a per user basis or site licenses on a fixed fee; with support and maintenance or an ongoing subscription basis. MAILman will look after all of your renewal generation, invoicing and even sales pipelining processes for you automatically. Now at last you can have a single system that looks after customer management, issue tracking, license administration and marketing all at once.