mailman not-for-profit

MAILman Not for Profit is a comprehensive marketing tool honed by leading Australian fundraisers, created to help you discover how and why your donors give.
MAILman Not for Profit is a versatile product and can accommodate practically any art union. Many of the fields are customisable and can be changed to cater to the specific processes your art union uses.
This sophisticated fundraising software consolidates your data into one advanced yet easy-to-use system, providing staff with a single, complete picture of each donor and their giving patterns, regardless of the many ways they may support your organisation.
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Reduce costs and save time
Reduce costs with MAILman NFP’s batch processing, address validation and Charity Mail discounts and much more. Save time with features like scanned donation responses so you can get back to what fundraising is about – building relationships with your supporters.

Manage donor information
MAILman NFP’s single enquiry screen provides access to every single donor detail held in the database, and allows you to manage contacts with user definable flags, relationship settings, customer types, summary statistics, transaction histories, membership maintenance and correspondence tracking. 

Build relationships
Establish and build your personal relationships with corporate partners, major donors and individual donors using MAILman NFP’s personalisation capabilities. Tap business networks, families and more by tracking relationships between your supporters and prospects.  

Build rapport with your customers en masse
Use MAILman to produce customised receipts, correspondence and other mail pieces tailored to your customers and their buying behaviours. The same simple process can be used to tailor solicitations to suit a potential customer’s demographic or interest.

Control your fundraising
MAILman NFP allows you to manage and analyse your fundraising and donations with trusts and foundation management, bequest management, art unions/raffles and lottery management, donation processing, telemarketing, event management, list management, campaign management and reporting capabilities.

Whatever suits you
MAILman will grow with your organisation from a simple donation processing system to a sophisticated fundraising campaign management tool.  


Watch the videos below to see some of MAILman Not-for-Profit's features in action.

Video 1: Donation Processing made simple: See how quick and easy it is to process donations in MAILman.

Video 2: Returned mail processing made simple: See how quick and easy it is to process returned mail in MAILman by using a barcode scanner.

Video 3: MAILman VoIP Integration: MAILman can be completely integrated with your VoIP system to make contacting your customers as easy as one click of a mouse.