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Now you can build POSTman’s address validation and postal barcoding features into your own Windows application with POSTman ActiveX.

POSTman ActiveX includes all the features of the standard AMAS approved POSTman application, along with COM based programming interface, API documentation, and all barcode font and source code examples needed to add this functionality to your own applications.

Your developers simply insert the POSTman ActiveX Library into their development application to integrate with your own database. They then add instructions to your in-house application to call the Postman ActiveX Library and retrieve the DPID, barcode and barcode sort information from it. Your data is then automatically validated and barcoded without your operators having to do a thing. Some developers have had POSTman integrated with their applications in under an hour.    

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“The POSTman ActiveX Library is the easiest way to add barcoding capabilities to your in-house application so that you can take advantage of real-time address validation, barcoded mail production, and the many benefits and savings they offer.”

– Mike French, Software Creator

Improve data quality and mail deliverability
POSTman ActiveX’s point of entry address validation, ‘Near Matches’ address feature and barcode appending
functions rid your database of incorrect name and address information. This improves the cleanliness of your database, increases the deliverability of your mail and boosts the effectiveness of your customer communication.

Reduce postage costs
Use POSTman’s quick and easy barcoding capabilities to slash your returned mail and productivity costs and take advantage of Australia Post barcoded mail discounts.

Keep it simple
POSTman ActiveX comes with full instructions, example code for Microsoft C++ and Visual Basic, and technical support only a phone a phone call or e-mail away.

Want to save even more?
Use a metering machine in combination with your POSTman software to take advantage of even more great Australia Post discounts!

But don’t just take our word for it! Call us now on 1800 334 060 and ask for your FREE 14 day POSTman ActiveX trial.

Or, for more information take a look at our POSTman ActiveX brochure. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free from the Adobe site.

POSTman ActiveX’s Microsoft Office Integration

The most common business applications in use today are those that make up Microsoft’s Office suite, including Microsoft Word for Windows, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Because of the popularity of these applications, they have become a focus for DMS’s “Making Barcoding Easy” program.

DMS is now the only company that can provide a barcoding solution for each of these Microsoft products.

Microsoft Word

POSTman’s integration with Microsoft Word allows you to attach barcodes directly to individual letters, envelopes, mailing labels and other correspondence without having to leave Word itself. And, what’s more, POSTman can even correct addresses as you insert them into your document.

POSTman also gives you the option of including the Barcode Sort Prefix (BSP Code) on documents along with your barcodes so that you can take maximum advantage of the postage discounts offered by Australia Post.

Microsoft Access

POSTman’s integration with MS Access – a product many customers use to store their customer and mailing information, allows you to barcode the addresses in your Access databases without even leaving the Access program. This means an easier life with no more program swapping and no more data conversions. Plus, the handy POSTman Wizards make all POSTman/Access processes super easy.

 Microsoft Excel 2000 and XP versions

POSTman makes the process of exporting and barcoding data from MS Excel simple - a process that can otherwise be tricky and problematic.

As with POSTman’s Access integration, POSTman’s Excel Wizard makes light work of the barcoding process, and even helps convert data into a format more suitable for use in other applications such as MS Word or other database applications. 

All of these office integration tools are included in DMS’s POSTman range of products.

No other product makes barcoding your mail this easy.

But don’t just take our word for it! Call us now on 1800 334 060 or email and ask for your FREE 14 day POSTman trial.

DMS has made barcoding easy by developing the POSTman range of products and including support for many business applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite. Other software developers have also grown to appreciate POSTman's ease of use and have chosen to develop specific support for POSTman barcoding and address validation in their own applications.

Here we have listed a number of vendors and software packages that support the POSTman barcoding solution.

Attache Software Australia Pty Ltd
Rockend Technologies
Micro Knox
Sherlock Software

Attaché Software Australia Pty Ltd


  • Attaché Business Partner 1.24.200 - Customers Module
  • Attaché Catapult 1.04.200 - Customers Module (We will be extending DPIDs to Supplier and Payroll Employee records in the near future.)

Attaché Software is an Australian owned company with over 20 years experience in producing Accounting and Payroll software for small to medium enterprises. This fully featured software is the market leader in genuine networked accounting solutions.



Product: MaxAddress; Links Maximizer with POSTman to verify Maximizer Address details and print barcoded labels

Rapid.CRM provides effective solutions to improve the way you find customers, manage the sales process and build life long relationships with your clients. The systems and processes we have developed are based on the award winning Maximizer range of products from Multiactive Software.  Maximizer is ideal for small to medium businesses “straight out of the box”.


Rockend Technology

Product: STRATA Master

STRATA Master has been developed to provide today's strata manager with state of the art technology to facilitate the efficient and accurate management of strata and community title assests. Built by experts with over 20 years of experience. STRATA Master has been designed to streamline the operations of strata management.


Micro Knox Pty Ltd


AGMACS - Art Gallery Management And Control System

AGMACS has been specifically designed to meet the dynamic and specific needs of Art Galleries. Working closely with industry members in Australia has enabled the crafting of a software application that will impress. The system handles the management of Contact and Client records with ease, as well as management of Vendors, and other service providers alike. AGMACS records all works activities, history and consignment, while being able to manage art item records, painting, sculpture and all other works, including capturing, viewing and printing images of those works. The application has the ability to support operations across multiple galleries in multiple locations if required. AGMACS, while being predominantly a stock control system, has a complete set of office administrative and financial functions required to operate a gallery.

FOOTWEAR - Importing, Warehouse and Distribution of Footwear

A comprehensive package designed to handle seasonal planning of footwear, ordering and links to our retail POS system (mPOS) by an overnight upload from all retail shops. The systems handles all the aspects of the footwear management requirements including styles sizes and colour for each SKU - with the need to duplicate all parts numbers. The system has built in extensive reporting functions for general management and forecasting.

Sherlock Software

Sherlock Software

Products: Sherlock Trust Manager & S.O.L.D

Both SHERLOCK TRUST MANAGER and S.O.L.D [ Sales Office Listing Directory ] have had full DMS integration for many years now.

Sherlock Software develop Real Estate Trust Accounting systems, Sales + Marketing systems, Optometry systems and Holiday and business websites and more. We have been servicing and supporting our systems for the Australian market since 1980. Sherlock Trust Systems manage RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, HOLIDAY and SALES. These can be Single or Split Trusts or even Sales ONLY systems and Sales + Marketing systems and all Network and Terminal Services ready. The 'S.O.L.D.' Marketing/Listing system is the most comprehensive program on the market for sales department automation and handles the Sales Trust too. Using 'SOLDSync', laptops can be disconnect from the server, the program keeps working standalone and then data synchronises to the network later. There is no other system on the market so comprehensive as S.O.L.D. Using the inbuilt 'RENTALZ' and 'TOPREALESTATE' technologies you can point and click to acquire images and then deploy them to the web and major media groups, window display cards, brochures.