POSTman Professional is an AMAS approved marketing and list management tool that cleanses and repairs data, helps prepare and process mailing lists, and appends postal barcodes. It also validates all data upon entry, allowing you to maximise the effectiveness of your database and marketing efforts.

POSTman Professional can be used with virtually any marketing software or database system to help you realise the full potential of your customer database and prospect lists.

For more information, take a look at our POSTman Professional Brochure. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free from the Adobe site.

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POSTman Professional is Windows software that is designed to help you contact existing and potential customers. It will take your customer list, or a list you buy or rent, and:

  • join them together;
  • remove duplicate records (using the rules you set);
  • sort, sample and segment the lists (using the rules you set);
  • change data formats;
  • import your lists (from your contact manager, accounting system or database);
  • perform processing (any or all of the processes listed above);
  • produce reports and graphs;
  • export your lists for merging with a word processing file, label printing or telemarketing.

POSTman Professional's Microsoft Office Integration

The most common business applications in use today are those that make up Microsoft’s Office suite, including Microsoft Word for Windows, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Because of the popularity of these applications, they have become a focus for DMS’s “Making Barcoding Easy” program.

DMS is now the only company that can provide a barcoding solution for each of these Microsoft products.

Microsoft Word

POSTman’s integration with Microsoft Word allows you to attach barcodes directly to individual letters, envelopes, mailing labels and other correspondence without having to leave Word itself. And, what’s more, POSTman can even correct addresses as you insert them into your document.

POSTman also gives you the option of including the Barcode Sort Prefix (BSP Code) on documents along with your barcodes so that you can take maximum advantage of the postage discounts offered by Australia Post.


Microsoft Access’s integration with MS Access – a product many customers use to store their customer and mailing information - allows you to barcode the addresses in your Access databases without even leaving the Access program. This means an easier life with no more program swapping and no more data conversions. What’s more, the handy POSTman Wizards make all POSTman/Access processes super easy.


Microsoft Excel 2000 and XP versions

POSTman makes the process of exporting and barcoding data from MS Excel extremely simple - a process that can otherwise be very tricky and problematic.

As with POSTman’s Access integration, POSTman’s Excel Wizard makes light work of the barcoding process, and even helps convert data into a format more suitable for use in other applications such as MS Word or another database applications. 


All of these office integration tools are included in DMS’s POSTman range of products.

No other product makes barcoding your mail this easy.

But don’t just take our word for it! Call us now on 1800 334 060 or email and ask for your FREE 14 day POSTman trial.