POSTman Web Service

POSTman Web Service gives you all the capabilities of POSTman to implement on your website. This new solution will turn your website into an even more powerful marketing tool by delivering the most accurate data straight to you. With POSTman Web Service, each address entered into your site is checked and validated to ensure increased mail deliverability, reduced postage costs and a completely valid, reachable customer base.

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Features & Benefits

  • Improve data quality & mail deliverability
    Improve the quality of the data being entered into your website with POSTman Web Service’s address validation and near matches facility and increase your mail deliverability.
  • Reduce Costs
    Save Money with increased mail deliverability and decreased returned mail thanks to your completely valid, reachable customer base.
  • Connect to your customers
    With Australia Post’s database of 11 million deliverable addresses, you’ll be sure to receive the most accurate address data from your customers.
  • Keep it simple
    With this simple to use software, customers can quickly and easily enter their valid details without any complicated software installation for your developers. In fact, you won’t even need any more software installations or updates.
Minor Data Entry errors are automatically corrected Larger data entry errors provide you with the option to correct