Do you need a database application that will store thousands of contact details including transaction history, correspondence tracking and user definable characteristics, flagging and settings in a simple to use program?

Or do you need a product that will put barcodes on your letters?

Whatever your requirements, the chances are DMS has a solution. Our products have been designed to assist all organisations – big, small, commercial, government and non-profit in increasing their efficiency and cutting down their costs. If you’re looking to save time, boost your savings and communicate personally and more effectively with the people who matter, DMS has your solution.

See a comparison of our Postal Barcoding products.

POSTman adds Australia Post barcodes to your mail so you can claim huge discounts on your postage and improves the deliverability of your mail through name and address validation. POSTman is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that spend more than $5000 on mail per year.  

POSTman Enterprise adds Australia Post barcodes to your mail, allowing you to take advantage of postage discounts. It also reduces the number of keystrokes required to enter information into your database and validates addresses on entry, which boosts your productivity and improves the deliverability of your mail. POSTman Enterprise is ideal for medium to large sized businesses that spend more than $50 000 on mail per year.  

POSTman Web Service
Now you can implement DMS’s address validation and postal barcoding tools via a subscription based web service.

POSTman ActiveX allows you to add fully AMAS compliant barcoding to your own applications. This means you can reap all the benefits of POSTman’s validation and barcode appending functions with a minimum of effort.

POSTman Professional cleanses and repairs data, appends Australia Post barcodes to your mail and validates all data upon entry. This allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your database and marketing efforts, increase the deliverability of your mail and receive huge discounts on your postage.    

LISTman cleanses and dedupes lists and appends barcodes so that you receive huge postage discounts from Australia Post and increase the deliverability of your mail. LISTman also provides the tools to segment customers and allows you to analyse marketing results so that you can get the most out of your marketing.

MAILman CRM is a marketing system developed for a range of order entry fulfillment and customer information system, subscription, lottery and other direct marketing type of applications, allowing you to really get to know your customers and benefit from personal communication.
MAILman Not For Profit offers the same basic rewards as MAILman, allowing you to really get to know your donors, but was designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations. MAILman NFP is particularly useful for charities and organisations that depend on donor and contact management.
CAMPAIGNman will interface with your existing software systems or manual procedures and provides the user with information and analysis capabilities. It also allows you to divide marketing into campaigns, promotions, and individual marketing activities. This complete campaign management tool is the perfect way to analyse, measure and create targeted marketing campaigns, giving you the tools to carry out the most personal and effective campaigns possible.  

MAILman Website Integration combines the full MAILman system with web content creation and management capabilities, giving you full marketing, creation and management control over your website, its content, and your customer relationships.

Hosting Services
Feel like your I.T. and other in-house capabilities are holding you back? Let DMS run your database and website for you. We can provide you with all the software, infrastructure and services you need. We even have a whole team of graphic artists, copy writers, search engine and Google specialists, software developers and campaign managers ready to get your jobs done.

Custom software and consulting Maximise your investment in MAILman by taking advantage of Direct Marketing Software’s marketing and technical expertise. Whether you have custom software requirements or need website integration, training, business process development or assistance with your marketing campaign, we’re here to help. 
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