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MAILman is the ultimate marketing system for both Internet and traditional marketing campaigns. With MAILman Web, you have a single system that delivers all the online technologies you need in one integrated solution. This online CRM system allows any user, regardless of technical ability, to integrate their database with their website, giving them full control over design, content and data management.

MAILman gives your organisation the ability to personalise communication and tailor the customer experience to meet your customers’ requirements. This makes your marketing efforts much more effective and goes a long way to establishing strong customer relationships. MAILman also gives your marketing team the tools to put to good use all of the media and technology options at their disposal to make the delivery of your marketing message as simple and cost effective as possible.

DMS also provides an optional MAILman Web Integration Service. Through this service DMS can design your website, host your website, upload graphic arts, create content and maintain your database. With MAILman Web, DMS can contribute as much or as little to the creation and maintenance of your database as you like.

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-->  Create Campaigns
Create campaigns that can be published in the click of a few buttons for any media including e-mail, internet ads, direct mail, telemarketing, fax and SMS.

-->  Manage Campaigns
Use this single, integrated campaign management solution that delivers real time results on all your online and offline campaigns simultaneously.

-->  Send Sophisticated Emails
Create emails with the built in email broadcaster that has templates, personalised message options, unsubscribe, ‘Donate Now’ and ‘Buy Now’ features, and more.

-->  Communicate Effectively
Keep your customers up-to-date with built-in content management, blog, news page, online forum and RSS feed support.

-->  Simplify your processes
A single end-of day process manages all online and offline transaction banking, credit clearance and GL updates.

-->  Stay Secure
SSL, HTTPS, encryption, user rights management and audit trail technologies keep your system secure.

-->  Use the latest technology
MAILman Web integrates with all the major internet technologies including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, YouTube, FlickR, Pay Pal and more.

-->  Give your customers the tools
Provide the full customer experience with Make your customers’ online experience as smooth and simple as possible with MAILman Web shopping cart, donation pledge options, event ticketing, memberships, subscriptions, and lotteries. Fast response technology allows customers to Order Now or Donate Now with a minimum of key-strokes.

-->  Customise the experience
MAILman Web delivers a customised website experience using configurable “data driven” technology.


Watch the videos below to see MAILman's web integration features in action. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to run new fundraising campaigns on your website.

MAILman's Web Integration Features - Part 1: See how easy it is to set up a new campaign and accept donations online in a matter of minutes.

MAILman's Web Integration Features - Part 2: See how easy it is to create email broadcasts to your donors, and simplify the donation process by automatically retrieving donor details.

The website featured in these videos is MyCharity. To see an example website that utilises MAILman's Web Integration features, please visit MyCharity.