It's not enough just to have a fundraising system and a website. Unless you have lots of time and resources to be manually keying transactions, transferring data from one system to another, and duplicating work, what you need is a fully integrated and automated fundraising machine.

Modern not for profits are complex operations with a range of activities, not just donations, pledges and bequests. There’s merchandise sales, volunteer management, events, memberships, lotteries and so much more. These days it’s not good enough to just use traditional marketing channels like direct mail and telemarketing (although they’re still important too). Now you need to combine these with your website, email campaigns and social media platforms.

MAILman does it all. It has a feature set and flexibility able to accommodate the needs of both small and large organisations. It’s simple to use, you can even turn off the functions you don’t need. It has the flexibility to be extended to meet your unique requirements but most of all it help you focus on your fundraising and your supporters.

MAILman gives you a truly integrated one stop solution. The moment a supporter clicks OK on your website their transaction is cleared, their receipt issued and your fundraising database updated. MAILman includes comprehensive support for a variety of website capabilities like customer supporter portals, fundraising event management, membership renewals, merchandise sales, event registrations, online donations and more.

By automating all of this functionality you’re not only serving your supporters better, you’re freeing yourself and your staff up to focus on tasks other than rekeying data and transferring files. Imagine being able to set up your campaigns and watch the donors and donations roll into your database automatically, 24/7.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the feature list and case studies below. Contact us on 07 3510 9555 or We’d love to talk to you about your challenges and needs and we’ll show you how the DMS fundraising system will completely change how you fundraise forever.

MAILman features: